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NIX Injector

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Nowadays, everyone is fans of MLBB and the fans of MLBB are waiting for the new injectors which help them to unseal the premium features in the game for free. So, here we also bring an amazing APK named Nix Injector. Nix Injector help you to unlock the premium features in the game for free. As you know that MLBB is very trilling day by day. So, without premium features it’s very difficult to complete the levels. A lot of people use injector to unlock the premium features in the game. If you also want to use injector then it is one of the crucial injector for the ML players.

NIX Injector is an android application which helps the ML player to get the premium items for free in the game. This injector has great role in the MLBB game. A lot of ML players use this injector because this injector perform great then others. This injector is a free error file and always being active to avoid any complication. If you have any doubt about this injector then first use this injector as a guest. When you use this injector as a guest then your doubt are finish.

Moreover, Nix Injector help you to increase your ranking in MLBB game. The best feature of this injector is that this injector has Drone view available. This feature help you to find enemies present around the area where you are. You can easily kill the enemies by using this features. You can also download alternative Apk like FFH4X Apk from our website.

NIX Injector Cheats:

  • Unlock 420+ ML skins for Assassin, Fighter, Mage, MM, Support, and Tank.
  • 17+ Painted Skin are handy.
  • Battle Effects are added in this version.
  • Backgrounds Screen, Backgrounds Lobby, and Backgrounds Profile.
  • Get MLBB Skin and Painted Skin.
  • Unseal 40+ Recall, 10 Respawn, and 11 Elimination.
  • Tablet View are available.
  • Similarly, this Drone Map works 100% in Classic Brawl Rank.
  • Unseal also Drone View of flexible ranges.
  • Unlock all 29 Emotes, 18 Analogs, 10 Map Views, and Multiple Backgrounds.
  • Chill the free background music.
  • Fix all problems for the 64Bit/32Bit.
  • Unseal Ultra Graphics, Auto Mythic, and Enemy Lag.
  • Free Intro like the Geek Fam, RRQ, EVOS, etc.
  • Unseal Ultra Graphics, Auto Mythic, and Enemy Lag.

Features of NIX Injector:

  • It has great skin injector file for the MLBB.
  • No password require to access the app.
  • No need to registration or sign up.
  • Dark mode is available.
  • No ads shown in the app.
  • Small in size.
  • It has user-friendly interface.
  • Free of cost to download.


It is 100% right that NIX Injector has the same features which we write above. If you use this injector then MLBB is not difficult for you. If you are hardcore fans of MLBB then you never miss this APK. The best things about this injector is that this injector do not require any password to access the skins. So, download this injector and enjoy its gameplay.

Addinational Information

October 3, 2023
October 3, 2023