xZon Drone

xZon Drone

7 MB

xZon Drone APK allow you to inject different cheats in the game. You can easily unlock the paid features in the MLBB game by using this APK without paying a single penny. By using this APK, you can manipulate the original gameplay. Many people enjoy while manipulate the game and they also became a top player in a short time. Furthermore, players can injector the drone views such as 2X, 3X and till 8X in the game without facing a problem. Use this app early and became a pro player of ML. Many ML players use this app and they easily get the victory in the ML.

It is an android application which help ML players to easily win the battle. It provide all the ML features for free. You can get many premium features in the game using this application, such as weapons, battle effects, skins, rank boosting tricks, background and many more features without a single penny. The ML players also use this APK to improve their gaming skills. Furthermore, you can use drone camera to track the enemies around the area and kill them quickly.

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Features of xZon Drone APK:

xZon Drone APK is an android tool which is use to manipulate the original game. You can unlock the premium items without paying any money. This is latest version among all the gaming tools. xZon Drone APK contain many features that are given below:

  • The best thing about this application is that this is free of cost. Don’t pay a single penny to access the app.
  • xZon Drone APK is latest and new version among all the APKs.
  • Unlock all paid features for free.
  • This application contain anti-ban feature.
  • It provide drone view to easily find the enemies around the area.
  • Easy to use and small in size.
  • Screen zooming option is available.
  • All the bugs are fix.
  • It has user-friendly interface.
  • No need to sign up or registration.
  • Third-party ads are not allowed.
  • Many more.

Password of xZon Drone APK

It is necessary to enter a password to unlock the features without paying a single penny. But don’t worry because we provide you password. The password is given below:

Password: KOF


Is xZon Drone APK is paid?

No, it is completely free to download. Nothing in the app is paid. Don’ pay a single rupee to access the app.

Can we uninstall the application from smartphones?

Yes, yo can easily uninstall the application from smartphones. You can uninstall the application anytime from smartphones.

Is it safe to use?

No, because it is hacking tool, as you know already. So, use this application with caution.

Can we cheat in the game by using this app?

Yes, you can cheat in the game by using this app. If you use the app with wisely then no one can stop you in the ML game.


The new players are unable to control the enemies and enemies kill them early. If you also unable to control the enemies then use XZon Drone APK and easily kill the enemies without hesitation. Also sure that, this is third-party application and unofficial app. So, allow the third-party apps in your phone and after that download the app in your phone.

Addinational Information

October 6, 2023
October 6, 2023